Everything to Know About Kung Fu

Did you watch Kung Fu Panda fillm? If yes, of course, you certainly know or have heard of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is an art of fighting or self-defense that developed in China. Kung-Fu is a traditional sport that has the the positive effects on health. Kung-Fu martial arts can shape health both physically and mentally because it encourages us to harmonize our thoughts with the techniques performed. You now can find out the course if you want to join kung fu classes to learn and even master Kung Fu.

In learning Kung Fu, discipline and high dedication are needed. We are not only trained to move yet also an appreciation of each of its movements. Structural position or posture is an important point in learning kung fu. The movements and styles of kungfu vary, starting with the position of the feet, weight distribution, and alignment of the body. Everything is something that must be pursued in learning this martial art.

The shape and posture of the body are not free, but regularly according to the composition. With a good composition, the movement will feel more flexible. The shape of the posture in each movement must be taken seriously and correctly. Sure, you can learn a study of several compositions in the kungfu movement until you will wonder it.

In practicing the movement, there is a composition of body posture that must be done correctly. Everyday, sometimes we are still often wrong in making a style or movement when exercising, both sometimes the legs are too far away, the knees are too low, to a stretch of legs that are less wide. right so the body will be more stable, upright and ready when getting resistance.

Without realizing it, everyday we see geometric shapes, and we also move to form geometry fields. Geometry is very influential in our lives because geometry is present in the environment around us both directly and indirectly, Kung fu is just one example of many martial arts involving composition and geometry.