How Kung Fu Allows You Learning the Characters


Kung Fu is a martial art from China. Actually Kung Fu is more than just martial arts. Kung Fu is also a means to maintain physical fitness, train and shape character.

Characters Learn by Doing Kung Fu

The essence in Kung Fu Classes is the introduction of self and self limits, then surpassing it. On a broader scale, Kung Fu is a “way of life”. Why is it called the “way of life”? because the ultimate goal that can be achieved after learning Kung Fu is to conquer yourself. When you choose the right kung fu classes, then the below are the characters you can learn during you do the Kung Fu:

1. Loyality

Well, loyality in Kung Fu cannot be obtained in a matter of hours or days. Loyalty and patience is what can make people survive to be able to master the Kung Fu art. Likewise in life. Loyalty makes us have passion to have hope and have the desire to achieve better. Loyalty is not merely measured by the duration of the year or physical existence. More than that, loyalty is what we give during the time spent. Covering all of our best efforts, works and thoughts that we provide with sincerity.

2. Trust

The teacher of Kung Fu will give the trust to students who learn Kung Fu so that the confidence of the student is formed. Likewise, trust in yourself and the purpose of learning Kung Fu will add confidence to the benefits of Kung Fu. Trust is not easily formed, but can be torn down in seconds. Being a person who can be trusted is the same business as giving trust to others, for those who find it hard to trust. Trust makes us more optimal because we know that what is inside us can provide security and confidence for people who give trust.

3. Respect the seniors

Students learn Kung Fu from the advanced and have a lot of experience. Without respect, it is possible that after we have learned a lot and are qualified, we will forget ourselves, forget that everything we have is the result of kindness and sincerity from our seniors who have taught us everything. The simple thing about this character lesson is: respect other people as we want to be respected. We will also be ‘seniors’ later.

4. Protecting and being responsible for more junior

For your information, juniors who are still not proficient, should be protected and guarded from all dangers. The senior protects the junior, whereas the junior respects the senior. There are some parts of life that do not distinguish between this juniority and seniority. However, those who are still weak and unable to stand on their own feet need to be protected and guarded, while being trained to be independent.

5. Manners

If we look at Kung Fu movies, the way to show respect is to bow down, or give respectful greetings with both palms held together in front of the face. Manners and respect will keep us from being able to hold ourselves back better and better. Manners are not interpreted as an attitude stiffness.

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We provides a variety of diverse classes that focus on a healthy and active lifestyle, and fostering a sense of community.

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Kung Fu Master

We provides a variety of diverse classes that focus on a healthy and active lifestyle, and fostering a sense of community.

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